Orestis & Agnieszka | Wedding Destination in Poland

Photographer: Pokadrowani

Location: Wasowo Palace

Bridal dressAmy Love Bridal

Suits: Vaubecour

Florist: Flora decoration

A wedding that really touched me. When I travel I fill pictures, I have never been to Poznan, Poland and it was my next destination, two young people Orestis and Agnieszka married in the beautiful part of Poland. Orestis is from Greece and Agnieszka is from Poland, they met in Switzerland and that was it! I was ready to meet new cultures, people and places. Preparations started in Posnan and then we went to an old catholic church in town to make the ceremony. An orchestra placed the wedding while the couple exchange bonds of eternity love. Unique experience for me because I learn and discover cultures and customs. We continue at Wasowo that was an incredible castle and the inside elements represent old castle. Exquisite choice for banquet and party, there was the reception and the party inside the castle and later a lot of crazy events took place!
The love unite the couple and gave me the energy to present a wedding and tell a story by my personal view.
Love you guys!